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Dhwo Cruise Dubai 175 AED per person

When you visit Dubai, you should not miss the experience of cruising relaxingly down Dubai creek or Dubai Marina. This is a wonderful experience that will create memories. Imagine relishing in a delicious dinner whilst on a Dhow Cruise whilst looking at the amazing lights of exciting Dubai. Listen to peaceful music and enjoy the Tanura Dance show as well whilst sipping a tasty drink along with a BBQ buffet dinner.

What actually is a Dhow?

If you are not sure, a Dhow is regarded as a traditional Arab sea-trading type of vessel. It is often made from durable wood. These have been an innate part of the interesting Emirati history. For many years trading of pearls, spices plus gold were the biggest sources of income in the UAE. In Dubai, the traditional dhows tend to be still sailing into the exciting Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

These trade spices along with textiles with Iran as well as other neighboring countries located in the Gulf region. These are usually parked upon the Deira side of Dubai Creek within Old Dubai. They can be seen whilst in Dubai.

It is possible to experience a Dhow from its inside when it Dubai. This is on a fun orchestrated Dhow Cruise upon the Dubai Marina. Dhows are parked in the waters specifically of the Dubai Marina. This has some of the most amazing buildings in Dubai, lined on both sides.

The Dhow sparkles with lights when in the dark whilst slowly treading the peaceful waters. There are some wonderful photo opportunities on the cruise that can be taken in the night-time.

If you enjoy being on the water whilst feeling relaxed, then this activity is something that you should not miss in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Dinner, Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek tends to be a water-body located between Bur Dubai as well as Deira. You can view the high-rise buildings on both sides of this whilst on the Dhow Cruise.

As said above, Dhow Cruise Dinner tends to be dinner that is on the traditional Dhow. This is a traditional floating restaurant. The dhow cruise is actually a medium size ferry which is made from wood. It is decorated with the help of charming lights.

If you select the Dubai Creek option, you can enjoy dinner whilst viewing the amazing lights of Dubai creek. This will be accompanied by exciting live music performances along with Tanoura Dance shows.

It will be up to you if you want to sit in the air-conditioned lower deck. You can even sit in the open-air upper deck so as to see the wonderful views in Dubai city. In fact, the cruise by itself is really amazing as well as relaxing experience because it provides one with stunning views of the awesome architecture of creek within Deira Dubai.

You can book this tour and go on it with family and friends also. Get to explore the beautiful scenes within Dubai creek upon the waterfront. Spend your evening enjoying a tour of Dubai creek and experiencing the traditional Arabian dhow cruise.

It is advised that you wear something that is casual and which you feel comfortable. This will allow you to enjoy the Dhow Cruise Dinner, Dubai Creek, to its fullest. Take a camera with you so that you can capture all the wonderful moments and have memories of these with you. You may get picked up from your place of residence and taken to enjoy this cruise.

Dhow Cruise Dinner, Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina tends to be a man-made Venetian style type of canal present along the shores of the interesting Persian Gulf.

This is another option that you can pick whilst enjoy a scrumptious dinner on the Dhow Cruise. The Dhow may have a capacity of around 200 guests. This cruise features a tasty buffet dinner also. You may get picked up from the hotel you are staying in. You will be taken to the JBR end, particularly of the Dubai Marina so as to board the Dhow.

Usually the Dhow sails at about 8:30 PM, however, these times alter subject to the weather and also when it is the Holy month of Ramadan. Whilst on the Dhow, one gets seated with other guests. You will get offered a soft drink along with some snacks. As said above, the lower deck of a Dhow is totally air-conditioner; therefore, comfortable for guests across the year.

When the Dhow sails, then the buffet dinner will open. There will be live performances like Tanoura dance. When looking at the sail time, this is often 90 minutes to about 2 hours. Dinner is often Indian food and that with certain selections of Arabic cuisine. If you want to enjoy some evening activity when in Dubai, Dhow is a wonderful experience. It lets you wind-down and chills out whilst looking at the pretty Dubai skyline. The activities of the Dubai creek cruise are also similar to this.

In the Dubai Marina cruise, you will get to see the buildings and attractions that are built on the wonderful Dubai Marina. This is a popular activity liked by tourists.

Therefore the difference between the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina cruise is usually the location where you will be taken to cruise and enjoy your dinner.

The perfect time to enjoy a Dhow Cruise

When you are with a large private group that is of your own, you can enjoy the Dhow experience to its fullest. It is best to experience when it is the prime winter weather. This is in December through February. In these months it is possible to stand out upon the upper deck as well as soak in the magnificent views present in the amazingly cool Dubai breeze.

There are many packages available for the Dhow Cruise Dinner, be it the creek one of the Marina one. You can choose the best one for your needs. Enjoy sailing on the wooden dhow that has an Arabian-inspired setting. If you want a relaxing experience whilst in Dubai, then do not miss out on this.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Includes

  • Pick from your Apartment, Hotel, Resident
  • 2 Hours Cruising in Dubai Creek
  • Fully Air Conditioned Lower Deck and   Breezy Open Air Deck
  • Access to Lower Deck and Open Air   Upper Deck
  • Traditional Welcome at Cruise with Tea,   Coffee
  • Arabic Sweets & Fresh Fruits
  • Cold Drink, Soft Juice, Water Bottle
  • Buffet Dinner with veg & non-veg Dishes
  • Tanura / Egyptian Dance Show by   Professional artist
  • Family Entertainment
  • Drop back your location

Additional PaidServices

  • Separate Sitting Arrangement

Schedule Information

  • Pick-Up From / Hotel / Residence Will around 07:00 07:30 PM.
  • Drop back around 11:00 PM / 11:30 PM
  • Your Designated Safari Guide Will Call You At Provided Contact Before 1 Hour From Pick-Up Time.

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Sunset at Dhow Cruise

Sunset at Dhow Cruise

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Sunset at Dhow Cruise

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Dhow Cruise Dinner

Standard Dhow Cruise Dinner

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Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow Cruise Dinner With Pickup

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* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free