Evening Desert Safari






Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Per Person 115 AED
Evening Desert Safari Private Car 700 AED

Dubai is famous for many things, like shopping, malls, parks, etc. One thing very famous about Dubai is its exciting desert safariDubai. If you visit Dubai, you surely need to go on an amazing safari trip. Desert Safari Dubai is an experience that you will never forget. A trip to Dubai is definitely not complete if you have not experienced the amazing desert safari that this country has to offer. Read on to find out more when it comes to this wonderful adventure.

General things experienced when on a desert safari

A trip to Dubai is not complete without experiencing an adventure within the wide sprawling and amazing sand dunes of this country. Encounter the beauty along with the magnificence of the unique golden sands by going on an exhilarating and enjoyable Desert Safari Dubai tour.

You will be taken onboard strong and powerful 4x4 Land Cruiser SUVs, with drivers that are experts when it comes to desert driving. They will let you experience dune bashing and that against the rolling sandy hills. This can occur in an afternoon of amazing thrill and excitement. You can then relax whilst immersing in the Bedouin culture when at a desert camp. Here other fun activities will be present for you to enjoy. It may be possible to ride the exciting ATV’s. You may have to pay extra for this.

When you get taken to the safari, the tour company often picks you from the hotel or designated meeting area before going on the drive to the deserts. When in the dunes, you can enjoy the thrilling roller coaster rides along with wide-open desert views.

Dune bashing is basically regarded as just driving around a desert. This is going up and down on the sand dunes and is done in an exciting and crazy way.

If time allows, you may catch the wonderful sunset across the horizon whilst sliding down the hills when sandboarding.

When you are at the desert camp, there are many activities to enjoy over there. You can take a camel ride and enjoy the scenery from the camel’s viewpoint. Arabic coffee and dates may be available to enjoy consuming. Henna tattoos are exciting and look beautiful. Get the Middle East touch with these.

Enjoy wearing traditional Arabic costumes whilst in the desert. Smoke flavored shisha is something else that can be tried out. Souvenir items will be present. These can be observed. When it is dinner time, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet in the desert under the sky. You can eat this whilst being entertained by belly dancers.

When going on a Desert Safari Dubai, you will get to meet people from different cultures all at one campsite. You can enjoy this experience with these people and make new friends from across the globe.

Tips on how to prepare for the desert safari

Below are some generally helpful tips which can make you prepare properly for the Desert Safari Dubai. You definitely want to be fully prepared for the experience and not feel any discomfort because you are wearing something uncomfortable or did not come prepared.

  • It is better to wear comfortable and decent clothing. This includes shorts, shirts, lightweight tops. Remember that Dubai is a Muslim country. If you want, you can take extra shawls and jackets. These can be helpful when the temperature gets cooler at night.
  • If you are going on the safari when it is winter, you need to know that the desert temperature will be a bit low in comparison to that of the city. Therefore you should wear clothing accordingly.
  • You will be able to frolic within the sands, so it is preferable to get shoes that are open ones. Flip flops and sandals are good and comfortable as well. Sand is able to get anywhere in shoes, and this is uncomfortable, so, therefore, it is better to wear open shoes. Sand granules tend to be really fine and get everywhere inside shoes.
  • Take drinking water with you because if it is hot in the desert, you will really need this. You do not want your experience to be affected because you were feeling thirsty.
  • Like with any other outdoor outing activity, remember to wear a good sunblock. You do not want your skin to be harmed by the desert heat. Take a hat and sunglasses with you as well.
  • To be able to capture the wonderful experience along with the mesmerizing beauty of a desert, take your camera or video camera with you. Remember to change these if they need charging. You definitely will want to save these memories.
  • Remember to make some money or your credit card with you. Whilst going to the desert, some stops may occur where it is possible to buy light refreshments. When at the camp, you may buy photos as well as videos that were taken by official tour photographers. If you want, you can also buy souvenirs from the shops. These may be more expensive in comparison to getting them from a mall.
  • When enjoying the dune bashing, remember to strap yourself in properly. it is important to know that the safari vehicles have proper safety features, moreover, are approved to be safe by the government. Drivers are professional and trained experts when it comes to desert driving. Therefore you do not have to worry about this.
  • Because of the rough type of nature of dune bashing, this activity is not suggested for people who are pregnant, for babies, and for those who have back and heart issues. But these people can enjoy the activities occurring at the desert camp.
  • When at the campsite, try and get a good spot that is close to the dance floor, allowing you to enjoy the dances.
  • The safari can be experienced at the following times.

Unique Morning Desert Safari

If you are busy in the day and have no time, but still want to experience Desert Safari Dubai, then you have the option of going in the morning. There are many things to do in the evening in Dubai, like enjoying a tasty dinner, relaxing at camps. Therefore a morning desert safari may be the time for you to experience this fun.

You will be taken to the desert in the morning. Here you can enjoy the amazing dune bashing. It is thrilling watching the dune bashing. You may be taken to a camp where you may pursue Quad biking as well as camel riding. You will be pleased whilst riding on a camel, enjoying the beautiful desert. Sand skiing is another activity to enjoy when going for Desert Safari Dubai. Sand skiing is exhilarating.

Fun Evening Desert Safari

It is possible to enjoy Desert Safari Dubai in the evening, as well. This is regarded as the most famous time for this safari. It is a must for all when visiting Dubai. You will be pleased you have this memory.

You will be taken across the desert. It will be possible to take memorable photos as well. Dune driving can be enjoyed at this time also.

A very exciting part of an Evening Desert Safari Dubai is the possibility to stop and watch the amazing sunset. If you love sunsets, then you will not want to miss this opportunity.

Camel riding is fun and different from horse riding. You will feel different whilst doing this. Enjoy sand boarding with your friends. If you are attracted to the beautiful henna designs of the Middle East, you have the opportunity to have henna designed on your hand and feet.

Dinner tastes better when in the desert. At this time, when going on a Desert Safari Dubai, you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner in the desert, right in nature.

Shisha, i.e., a popular Arabic water pipe can be consumed peacefully whilst sitting in the desert under the star-strewn sky. Belly dancers will entertain you while you enjoy your time in the desert around a campfire.

Overnight Desert Safari

Another time to enjoy a Desert Safari Dubai is staying overnight in the desert. This does sound exhilarating indeed. Enjoy an under the stars amazing experience. Everything in the evening safari can be enjoyed in the overnight safari as well.

When all the people have gone from the evening safari, you will remain behind to enjoy the experience in the night. Get to see the wonderful morning sunrise within the desert. Experience all the desert sounds that are of the sand as well as the night.

Those who have a camera must get a tripod. This can be used to view the night sky, as well as the morning sun, rise within the desert.

It is really exciting experiencing Desert Safari Dubai, and you should not miss this opportunity when visiting Dubai. Take out time in the afternoon and evening from the city to enjoy the wilderness within the lonely deserts of Dubai. Get out of the busy city life and take part in some relaxing time with your loved one and family. If you do not have time in the evening, then you can enjoy this experience in the morning.

Evening Desert Safari Includes

  • Free Pick & Drop Services
  • Dune Drive-In Land Cruiser
  • 5 Times Divergent Live Dance Performances
  • Short Camel’s Ride
  • Buffet Dinner With Live BBQ
  • Sand Boarding
  • Arabic Costume Photography
  • Heena Tattoo
  • Smoke Flavored Arabic Hukkah (Dedicated Area)
  • Live Fire Show Performance
  • Two Tanura Dance Colorful Lighting show
  • Two Live Belly Dance Show on Arabic Music

Additional PaidServices

  • Horse Ride
  • Quad Bike
  • Long Camel Ride
  • VIP Area Access

Are Additional & Not Included In 
Self Drive | Standard | Advance Package

Schedule Information

  • Pick-Up From / Hotel / Residence Will around 02:30 03:00 PM.
  • Drop back around 08:30 PM / 09:00 PM (30 Miniutes ±).
  • Your Designated Safari Guide Will Call You At Provided Contact Before 1 Hour From Pick-Up Time.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

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Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

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